Massage Works

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Massage Techniques and Treatments

Back pain,neck pain,shoulder pain

        Postural Massage 

Pain caused by postural issues is the most common problem we see in adults.  This is the result of misalignments they have had since childhood, adolescence, or environmental (daily activities related to employment). These muscle imbalances generally have little to do with bones; they are mostly soft-tissue problems. There are a variety of approaches to postural massage therapy but they all focus on the five point stance, or from head to toe! Treatment plans are directly based on these observations and tissue response, so treatment techniques and regimes are very unique to the person.  Sessions should be no more frequent than twice a week (to give the tissues time to respond to the treatment), and no less frequent than once every two weeks (to keep from re-establishing old patterns), until the therapist determines the best symptom management program for you, with may include and not be limited to exercises and stretching.

sport massage, rehab massage

          Sports Massage 

 Sports massage can help maintain your body's overall general condition, prevent injuries due to loss of mobility, restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance and extend the overall life of your active lifestyle regardless of age. Treatment plans have a tailored focus on decreasing tension to the muscle groups and postures that your body uses during your sport.  


pregnancy massage,post pre natal massge

      Pregnancy Massage  

Residual body aches from pregnancy are normal. Adding breastfeeding and childcare can intensify arm, shoulder and back pain. Post and Pre Natal Massage is an effective holistic approach that relaxes muscles and relieves pain without medication. Massage may also resolve associated numbness and tingling. Chronic or severe pain may require multiple sessions for resolution.